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ICON Awards

Vote for the 2014 ICON

HOW IT WORKS:        There are 14 categories with multiple entries. No winners are announced automatically and no number of votes cast
                                            is released before the ICON Awards Event. The winners are announced at the annual ICON Awards Gala and the
                                            winners names are posted on the website.

Register/login:                        Click on the info link to vote. If no link appears, you need to .

Voting:                        Voting is closed, good luck to all.

Best Achievement in Technical Support

Best Photography

Best Invitation

Best Entertainment Concept and Execution

Best Event Produced for a Non-Profit Organization

Best Event Produced for a Corporation or Association

Best Food Presentation at an Event

Best Floral Design

Best Decorating Design

Best Wedding Under $75,000

Best Wedding Over $75,000

Best Event Produced for an Individual

Best Overall Event Under $75,000

Best Overall Event Over $75,000

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