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Moore for Life is more than makeup. It’s my expertise and showing people how to highlight their best features to truly shine, and find the perfect look for any situation.

Believe it or not, but the ICON AWARDS are right around the corner. AN EVENING OF WHITE OR BLACK. So what is the easy way to make yourself stand out? Try a red lipstick.

So a Red lipstick is a stone cold classic, however to pick the right one for your skin tone is not the easiest thing to do.  Fortunately I am going to help you out.

A fair skin lady:

If you have fair skin, consider a shade that has more of an orange tone to it. This will instantly brighten your complexion. Think of that wonderful garden red tomato, or a rich piece of red coral. I am not saying you cannot go with a deep red, but please stay away from a blue red, they tend to make you a bit too harsh as well a bit dead.

Make sure you go and try the color on before buying it, snap a selfie and make sure it does not look to jarring.

Keep this look up to date! Apply without using a lip liner if you happen to have a few fine lines around your mouth, use a flesh tone lip liner, apply around the lips after applying the lipstick

A medium skin lady:

Think about a cooler red, this means blue, no orange at all. This is the most commentary tone to make your skin tone pop. Think about a Cranberry or Crimson tone. Wearing a shade that is right for you TRULY will make you the belle of any ball.

A dark skin lady:

The darker skin tone lady often thinks they have got to go to a much deeper, intense color, NOT TRUE. The reason people feel this way is that a darker skin person usually has a darker lip. To be able to make a sheerer lipstick show, try to even out the color of the lip. Try smoothing a lip foundation over the lip, the same shade as the lip or a shade or two lighter.

I especially like a Brick tone red on a darker skin tone. I love changing up any red color with adding a gloss to it, this makes it playful, and full of options.

Things to consider when wearing reds:

Consider the lighting of where you’ll be. If you are going to be outside pick a sheerer red. For evening, go bolder, this way your features will stand out more.

Avoid deep reds if you have thinner lips. A deep red will tend to make your lips look even thinner.

Experiment with more intensity if you have stronger coloring. For example dark hair, whiter skin, lighter eyes. A natural contrast will give you more options.

Don’t play with too many features: When wearing a red lipstick, keep the eye clean and light.

Don’t toss a red lipstick that does not work, make it work!