Feature Your Wedding

How to Submit a Wedding Announcement

To submit news of your wedding to ColoradoExpression.com, please follow these instructions closely. Marriages are featured in the Tie The Knot section at coloradoexpression/tietheknot. Submissions are rewritten, fact-checked and edited to CE standards. 


- Include full names of the couple, the date of event and location. 
- There are no time constraints as to when the wedding had to have happened. Couples should either have had their ceremony in Colorado or currently reside in Colorado. 
- We need their addresses, schooling, occupations, noteworthy awards, charitable activities and special achievements. 
- Tell us how the couple met.
- Include information on the ceremony location, the reception location, the vendors (caterers, florsist, make-up artists, photographer, venue, etc.) and anything unique about the nuptials and or celebration.
- Include any links to blogs that showcase your wedding celebration


- Couple pictures should be in color and of professional quality
- Include the photographer’s name if professional credit is required.
- Send no more than 3 images
- Image requirements: JPEG file only, height 800 pixels, maximum file size of 12MB.


Tie the Knot wedding features cost $650. A write-up of your wedding will be on the coloradoexpression.com website for 2 full months and then will be permanantely placed in our archives. Your feature will be written by a professional writer to match the writing style of the magazine. Once confirmation of payment is made, you will be sent a form to submit details and photos. You will receive final approval of story before being posting to the website. 
To Submit your Wedding to our TIE THE KNOT section:
please contact tietheknot@coloradoexpression.com