In This Issue

Summer Beauty Secrets

We talked to beauty guru Michael Moore for ideas on how to get your glow back

Bringing Smiles 

Youths are treated to low-cost, high-quality dental care with office visits and a mobile hygiene program 

Georgia on My Mind  

Upscale adventures in upland quail hunting. A trip to the Beretta Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort is an elevated experience.

Rediscovering the Dolomites 

Exploring food and friendships in Italy and beyond

Restaurants Retool 

Chefs and owners refine menus, get creative to keep diners coming back

Royal Landscapes 

At Richthofen Castle, the grounds are restored to original grandeur

Meeting the Need 

Companies pivot to provide health products during COVID-19 pandemic

Recipes for Living

A newly released cookbook, Just Cook With Sally, is a love letter to family, friends and food

Exercising Options

Gyms and fitness studios get creative to keep members moving during health crisis

The Global Kitchen

Give your Colorado harvest a worldly flavor