11 Colorado Fitness Boutiques To Motivate Your Movement Going Into The New Year

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If eating healthier and exercising more are at the top of your 2023 resolution list, you are not alone. Many Americans are looking to 2023 as their year to prioritize their health and wellness.

Unfortunately, statics show that come February, typically 80 percent of Americans who resolved to focus on their health in the new year will have dropped their resolution goals. So why do we have such a hard time staying committed to our health?

Well, it’s not entirely our fault—it’s the resolution’s fault. Yes, you heard me: Resolutions are a recipe for failure if we don’t set smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound. It’s not rocket science that hazy goals produce hazy results.

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To keep you committed to a stronger, healthier you, find some sort of movement that you love. If running and kickboxing aren’t your thing, how about aerial yoga, the slow burn of a Pilates class, cardio dance or even indoor climbing walls—sounds like fun, right? Take
a look at this selection of boutique fitness outposts in Colorado, each staffed with insightful pros to keep you motivated to move!

BodyIntel is a premiere Pilates and physical therapy studio that addresses injury rehabilitation and prevention utilizing a team approach that believes movement is medicine. Blending the staffs expertise in both disciplines provides the opportunity to heal faster and tone, strengthen and lengthen your body without re-injury.

1754 S. Pearl St., Denver, 303-777-5263, bodyintelco.com

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Variety is the spice of life, and this fitness studio has an impressive assortment of classes offered by world-class instructors all under one roof. With five studios, the gym is always jumping with classes that are effective and fun. Diversity in your workouts is scientifically proven to prevent plateau, so by taking bootcamp on Monday, yoga on Wednesday and boxing on Friday, you are training both your body and your mind to meet new challenges and grow.

985 Albion St., #100, Denver, 720-637-3529, trufusion.com

Opening in January, BODY20 is a new and highly efficient and effective form of fitness that utilizes the latest in FDA-approved EMS (electro-muscular stimulation) technology within energetic, modern and futuristic personal training studios (think The Matrix meets Iron Man meets Captain America). The technology and highly qualified coaching expertise provided within every individualized, low-impact workout promotes fitness gains for anyone from high-level elite athletes pushing through athletic plateaus to individuals hoping to either initiate or reclaim their fitness journey.

Within each 20-minute training session, the fitness coach will create a customized one-on-one program, giving the body more than 150 times more muscle contractions than a conventional workout—without any need to pick up a weight or use traditional gym equipment. The EMS technology provides increased strength and depth of muscle contractions, which results in numerous health and wellness benefits, including better endurance, extended duration of increased metabolic rate, visceral fat reduction (the internal fat surrounding the major organs), reduced pressure on major joints, collagen production for the reduction of cellulite and the correction of muscular imbalances.

9251 E. Peakview Ave., Unit B, Greenwood Village, 303-265-7009, body20.com

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Recognized as the country’s leading aerial fitness training method, the 50-minute intense AIR training class combines elements of Pilates, ballet and HITT on aerial hammocks designed to help strengthen, lengthen and tone your body. AIR is one of the best ab workouts around. A benefit of taking your routine off the ground is that you lose your point of stability and so you start to engage your core immediately without even realizing it.

4433 W. 29th Ave., Denver, 630-344-9531, airfitnow.com

Taking a holistic approach to fitness with yoga, tai chi, meditation and breathwork classes, Body & Brain has helped to enhance the health, wellness and happiness of its community members for over 20 years. It provides practical techniques and programs that focus on physical health, emotional well-being and spiritual connectedness in an approachable and nurturing environment.

Multiple locations throughout the Front Range, 720-283-6222, bodynbrain.com

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Known for efficient, 45-minute, high-intensity, low-impact Pilates workouts that offer a serious burn—yielding quick results and providing an education on all sorts of muscles you never knew you had—Fierce45 is a pioneer in its field. The slow and deliberate movements will have your muscles shaking in no time!

Multiple locations through Colorado, fierce45.com

The mission of Black Swan Yoga is to create an accessible, affordable and community-driven yoga experience for all. Its studios are safe
spaces where everyone can enjoy its practice, and because all classes are donation based, it truly practices what it preaches: the Law of
Reciprocity, meaning that if our intentions benefit others, they too will reap the benefits. Expect to be challenged in Power Flow classes,
while the slower-paced Candlelit Flow encourages deeper mind-body connections, inner reflection and relaxation.

1308 Pearl St. and 2815 S. Broadway, Denver, blackswanyoga.com

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These indoor climbing gyms offer a variety of yoga and fitness classes, plus personal coaching, group climbing, youth programs and more.
Each gym is stacked with everything you need to explore and find what feels good to you. In addition to massive indoor climbing walls, it offers yoga studios, all levels of fitness and cardio classes, weight zones, community events, gear shops and lounge areas to inspire your
next adventure.

Multiple locations in Denver and Boulder, movementgyms.com

Whether you’re training for your next fourteener, getting your ski legs ready for powder season, or looking to build strength for life’s everyday challenges, the motivational instructors at Studio Clmber will help you get there. Climbing eliminates any pounding on your joints and prevents erratic movement that could cause injury while still providing extensive fitness benefits and neurological stimulation. Choose from climbing-only classes or bootcamp-style classes where you alternate between the CLMBR and floor-based strength and mobility training.

155 St. Paul St., Denver, 720-928-5885, studio.clmber.com

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Backed by science and pulling from dance-based workouts and other modalities, AKT classes offer full-body workouts that combine cardio
dance intervals with strength and toning. Every class works the entire body, from all angles and in all planes of motion, for an efficient and
energetic and, dare we say, fun workout! It’s a literal dance party of endorphins!

2445 E. Third Ave., Denver, 720-583-2361, akt.com

With its mega-watt sound system and a playlist to inspire your inner Rocky Balboa, the energy is palpable in the boxing studio at Rumble. No previous boxing experience is needed. First-time boxers and seasoned fighters squad up for 10 rounds of jabs, uppercuts, hooks and cross blocks, all combined with transformative resistance training that will leave you feeling unstoppable!

160 Steele St., Denver, 303-376-2676, rumbleboxinggym.com

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