Add a Unique and Fun Experience to Your Celebration with These Sweet Treats

Elevate your celebration with these sweet party favors from mobile bars to decedent desserts
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Elegant Bakery | Photo courtesy of Studio JK

Looking for a unique and fun way to elevate your celebration? We’ve gathered some lively libations, decadent desserts and party favors that pop for your next celebratory event.

Meet The Andersons

The La Piccolina champagne bar cart is a show-stopper for any event. | Photo courtesy of La Piccolina


Try adding a bubbly mobile bar into the mix; it’s the perfect addition to any soiree that your guests are sure to remember! Although there are lots of mobile bars, we are in love with La Piccolina, a fully customizable, pint-sized mobile bar pouring champagne, prosecco or sparkling wine on tap throughout Colorado for a little Dolce Vita!

Meet The Andersons

Photo courtesy of La Piccolina

Additionally, offering a signature cocktail allows your guests to enjoy an elegant drink without waiting in line at an open bar. A few of our favorites include an Aperol spritz for a pop of color, or a classic whiskey sour.

Among the many low-or no-booze options, consider Bubbly Rosé or Golden Lager from Denver’s Get Grüvi or check out Lyre’s exquisite range of non-alcoholic spirits that look, taste, smell and sashay around your palate just like the original. Mix up a batch of jalapeño margaritas or jasmine gin and tonics, all sans alcohol.

Margaret + Bob

d’Elissious, Aspen | Photo courtesy of Jacqui Cole


Multi-tiered wedding cakes have come a long way since their inception under the reign of King Charles II, when they were reserved for the grandeur of royal events. Today, tiered cakes have become the centerpiece of celebrations—and the sky is the limit in terms of design, shape, embellishments and flavors.

Traditional British Lambeth cakes with layers of over-piped royal icing are having a big moment. Think scrolls, garlands, swags, drapes, ruffles, shells, scallops and pearls adorning a scrumptious cake typically topped with cherries. Popular in the 1930s, today these cakes offer whimsy as well as nostalgia.

Taylor + Matt

Gateaux Bakery | Photo courtesy of Jenna Noelle Creative

Master bakers always look at cakes as canvases. They can mirror the lace details in a bride’s gown for an elegant and elevated look, pipe three-dimensional flowers that look so real you do a double-take or paint a custom design on the cake that reproduces your invitations and table settings.

Another popular design is the rustic, “naked” layered cake where the icing and fillings don’t cover all the edges of the cake, leaving space for fruit, flowers and foliage to adorn the creation—perfect for our Colorado landscape.

Lambeth Cake 2

A Lambeth-style cake is both nos- talgic with ornate royal icing and traditionally topped with cherries. | Photo courtesy of Paige Swan

If you’re looking for something more playful, a three-dimensional sculpted cake will certainly wow guests. The key is to make sure it’s unique to the couple. For example, creating a cake reminiscent of the mountain town you’re getting hitched in, one in the shape of your beloved pet or even a cake “model” of the church would be sure to elicit delight.

Denver Monogram 2

Fun and functional personalized sun hats and beach bags are perfect bridesmaid gifts for destination weddings. | Photo courtesy of The Denver Monogram and Letterpress Company


Finding the perfect gift for your wedding party as well as your guests doesn’t have to be complicated. Think of useful and memorable gifts that relate to your special day.

A monogrammed beach bag or beach towel from The Denver Monogram and Letterpress Company for a destination wedding is a fun way to personalize a useful bridesmaid or groomsman gift. For summer soirees, consider a basket of straw cowboy hats adorned with ribbons in your wedding colors, custom sunglasses or beautiful fans that double as programs.

Charbonnel Et Walker Pink And Milk Marc De Champagne Truffles 650g Open 3

For an elegant affair, handmade chocolate truffles in the most beautiful boxes are a delightful treat. | Photo courtesy of Charbonnel et Walker

Something sweet is always appreciated, but to elevate the experience, the bespoke chocolates from Charbonnel et Walker are tops. Since 1875, it has created luxury chocolates in handmade heirloom boxes for royal families (yes, that royal family) and specialty celebrations. Having personal heart-shaped boxes with strawberry-and-white-chocolate truffles filled with creamy milk chocolate Marc de Champagne centers and rolled in powdered sugar for an extra touch of elegance, or a table towering with truffles for guests to enjoy on their way home, will ensure a memorable evening.

Ashley + Liam Wedding

Monochromatic centerpieces from Newberry Brothers make for thoughtful party favors. | Photo courtesy of Newberry Brothers

The flowers at your event will always set the tone, so consider sharing those blooms with your guests. Personalized arrangements in bud vases can double as place cards, adding a layer of color to each tablescape. Additionally, notable Denver florist Newberry Brothers encourages repurposing floral centerpieces as gifts for the wedding party. Pair them with lavender shortbread cookies topped with edible flowers from The Botanical Bakery of Denver, floral candles and a handwritten note for a heartfelt gift for them to enjoy now and later.

Botanical Bakery 66

Take a cue from nature with botanical cakes and cookies. They’re almost too pretty to eat! | Photo courtesy of Botanical Bakery of Denver


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