Annual Denver Debutante Ball

Held at The Brown Palace Hotel on Dec. 22, the 65th annual Denver Debutante Ball benefited the Denver Botanic Gardens.
Dsc 5311

1 Kathy Coors, Barbara Knight, Brad Coors 2 Tom and Suzanne Coxhead, event co-chair 3 Robin Conte-Bryant, Karen Hummel, Gretchen Hummel, Davis Hummel 4 Committee members Lisa Cramer, Kari Nichols, Kelsey Wasylenky, Anne Zeckser and Jenny Scholes 5 Julie Honnen, Quinn Geller, Lulu Geller 6 Dennis and Betty Lynn Jackson, wearing the dress she wore as chair in 1998 7 Karre Whitney, Lane Rippey, Glenn Rippey 8 Dutch Bansbach, Brooke Maloy, Maggie Maloy, Pam Bansbach 9 Susan Fox- Pinkowitz, Tillie Pinkowitz, Sawyer Pinkowitz, Ted Pinkowitz 10 Lise and Ric Bellmar, co-emcee 11 ElizaHill, DrewHill, NicoleHill

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