Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale, Red Carpet Reception

Held at the National Western Complex on Jan. 4, the Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale Red Carpet Reception benefited the National Western Scholarship Trust.
Coors Western Art Exhibit & Sale

1 Ginny Jaccaud and Lewis Wilks, advisory committee chair; Jill Wilks 2 Jim and Jennifer Paton, left; Sue and Lou Clinton 3 Sean and Audra McNicholas 4 Jordan Smeby, NWSS President and CEO Paul Andrews with Malei Tipton 5 Nancy and Doug Jones, board chair of National Western 6 Curator Rose Fredrick, Henry Gordon 7 David and Molly Coors, Pete and Marilyn Coors, Peter and Meredith Coors 8 Jeff and Casey Hemphill, Brooke and Bret Fox 9 Bill and Leigh Ann Nicas 10 Duffy Solich and Anita Mosher Solich

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