DAM Uncorked

Denver Art Museum

Uncorked, the Denver Art Museum’s 20th annual fundraising event celebrating art, wine, and community, was held on June 9 at the Lanny and Sharon Martin Build- ing. Proceeds from the event will benefit the museum’s Acquisitions Endowment.

1 Diana and Winston Wall, Beverly Schmitt 2 Chad Skrbina, Jeff Rieb, Matt Adrian, Christopher Leach 3 Jen and Alex Hardie, Chad Skrbina, Kathryn Birnbaum 4 Kathryn Stalmack, Paola Baglietto, Solveig Lawrence, Elle Ethington 5 Elizabeth Hamilton (group publisher, Colorado Expression, Colorado Homes & Lifestyles, Mountain Living) and David Orlovsky 6 Kinny Bagga, Becca Chasin, Stephanie Barthel 7 Courtney Holmes and Lois Paul 8 Dwinita and Rev. Timothy Tyler 9 JC Buck, Liz Richards, event chair Amanda Precourt and Stacey Sinclair 10 Marco Capitelli and Lana Cordier 11 Tamara and Francis Barron

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