Fill a Plate for Hunger

We Don’t Waste held its annual fundraising dinner Sept. 23 at ReelWorks Denver.

1 Phillip and Cathi Buckley 2 Daniel Epstein, Jessie Nichols, Allie Hoffman, Caroline Hissong 3 Page Sepic, Caroline Curran, Sarah Weily 4 Doug and Nonie Grounds, Katie Schmuhl, Sam Talarczyk 5 Steve Galpern, Tom Halverson, President and CEO of presenting sponsor CoBank; WDW board members Elaine Holoboff and Bruce Kirchhoff 6 Scott Sepic, Josephine Sinclair, Caroline Curran, Bill Sinclair 7 WDW founder and Executive Director Arlan Preblud with Leigh Sinclair 8 Cody and Faye Holloway, Anne Marie and Matt Brown 9 Jeff Lee, Mary and Jeremy Hopson 10 Derek Jones, Ben Brewer, Manny Ladis

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