Jäala Sheldon: Creating Beautiful Occasions That Will Last A Lifetime

Get the inside scoop on what makes Jäala Sheldon and her expertise so unique
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Jäala Sheldon of jäala & co. knows how to get the party started. | Photo by Bonnie Sen

Your partner popped the question, you said yes, and now it’s time to plan the wedding of your dreams. Ideas about food, décor and other special touches are swirling in your head, but turning those dreams into reality isn’t your strong suit. Hiring an event planner would be a logical step but, yikes, those fees!

That’s where Jäala Sheldon comes in. For 20-plus years, she has helped to create memorable occasions—the kind that typically come with a hefty price tag—for clients of her Denver-based event planning firm, jäala & co.

Recently, though, Sheldon has added a service for couples who may not have the need, or funds, for a fully executed event.

For a fraction of the cost of her start-to-finish services, Sheldon meets with the bride and groom to do a deep dive into what they envision. She then assembles a “thoughtfully curated” visual design board for the big day, giving brides and grooms “a road map to dissect and decide, according to their budget. I give them all the pieces and parts that make up the wedding they want, and then pass the baton” to them
or their wedding planner.

Of course, if the couple needs additional guidance, she can help.

“I can pull in the best vendors for the food, the music, customized napkins, spruced-up cocktails with garnishes, stir sticks and pretty glasses. I want the guests to experience all five senses, to feel like
they’ve been to something special.”

Kelly's 50th Surprise Party

A surprise birthday party set under the glow of thousands of twinkle lights, candles, white flowers and the best friends a girl could ask for. No small feat; jäala & co. set this party up in less than three hours! | Photo by JM Photo Art

We asked Sheldon a few questions to learn more about what makes her and her expertise so unique:

What is the most unique event you’ve ever planned?
A party for which we had to think outside, inside and all around the box for a client who had just moved from New York City. They were still living out of boxes, so we made everything—including the lounge, foosball tables and bar—out of cardboard boxes. My favorite part was the bubble wrap red carpet-style entry. As people walked in, they had to step on and pop the bubbles.

And the most special?
Sadly, it was a memorial event held not long after we’d executed an 80th birthday party for that guest of honor. It was special to know he went out knowing he was well loved and celebrated.

Best advice you can give a host?
Plan ahead and be prepared so you can sit back and enjoy being the host/hostess with the mostest.

Is there any type of event that you will not do?
Any event that gets in the way of my own family’s important moments.

What’s the party design trend for 2023?
The Pantone color of the year, Viva Magenta.

How do people describe you?
Calm, creative.

How would you like to be remembered?
As a good, thoughtful, kind and creative person.

Who do you most admire?
Martha Stewart, because she’s a smart and creative businesswoman—and she somehow manages to be best friends with Snoop Dogg.

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Photo by Bonnie Sen

Your most memorable life moment?
Giving birth to my boys.

What is your favorite Colorado restaurant?

Your favorite Colorado getaway?
The Broadmoor.

Describe your fashion style.
Black, with a twist of fun.

Have you ever had a fashion faux pas?
No doubt, my senior high school picture: hair larger than life, but it was the hot-pink leather glove that took it to another level.

What are your hobbies?
I love to road bike, cook, set pretty tables and get creative with my Itty-Bitty Creative Committee, a group of close friends who also share my passion for parties.

Your idea of a relaxing day?
Lighting candles, turning on relaxing music, making a cocktail or a cup of tea and reading magazines—real ones, those that are printed on paper, like Colorado Expression.

Final thought or advice?
Enjoy the moment you’re in.


Be sure to check out jäala & co’s new Party Pantry for bridal showers, rentals, photo shoots, private events, workshops and more. Party Pantry is by appointment only.

3377 Blake St., #108, Denver

Joanne Davidson attended her share of glamorous events while she was The Denver Post’s society editor, and remains in awe of those who, like Jäala Sheldon, can put together those memorable occasions.

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