Looking To Escape To A Beach This Fall? Head East

The Corolla Outer Banks of North Carolina might be the relaxing coastal experience you have been seeking
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With Fall upon us comes school bells and kids going back to class, but for some, it is their time to take a break. You, too, might be needing a break from your busy summer season. This is the reason why some people choose and possibly prefer the beach during the Fall. The weather is milder, the beaches are more spacious, and depending on where you go, the water is still relatively warm.

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The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a beach experience that you may have been wanting to take for a while now, and one location, in particular, gives you that authentic Outer Banks experience, Corolla Outer Banks. This coastal community is what you expect from the Outer Banks, with beautiful beaches, historical sites, wild horses, water activities, golf, local seafood, farmers markets and unexpected delights.

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If adventure is what you want, don’t miss the chance of a lifetime to see the Corolla Wild Horses, located in the unpaved area of Carova where they freely roam on our 4×4 beaches or up in the dunes. Settling here over 400 years ago, these local legends are truly awe inspiring. You can experience them by taking a wild horse tour with one of our many wild horse tour companies, or, if you have a 4×4 vehicle, you can drive yourself and explore Carova at your own pace. Please be mindful of the horses, as well as the driving rules and permits when touring the area. These wild horses are protected, so stay 50’ away from them and DO NOT feed.

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If history excites you, the Historic Corolla Park has 4 main historic attractions including the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, the Historic Whalehead Museum, the Currituck Maritime Museum and the Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education. Learn about the hunting, maritime history and traditions of this area as well as taking in exhibits on the wildlife and culture that make up this beautiful island paradise.

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The beaches in Corolla are some of the best in the world. With the wide pristine sandy beaches you expect from the Outer Banks, you have all of the space you need to enjoy the beauty and sunshine. Catch glimpses of dolphin and pelicans as they pass by, and, as the water is still mild in the fall months, you can still take an opportunity to get your feet wet.

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Corolla is surrounded by water, and you can have just as much fun on the Currituck Sound as you can on the ocean. There are a multitude of water activities from kayaking to paddle boarding, and the Sound is the perfect place to catch a glorious sunset.

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In the mood to stroll about and find something unique to take home? A ride on a bike through one of our many shopping locations will give you plenty of shopping or dining options after being on the beach all day. In the mood for seafood? Stop in one of our many locally sourced seafood restaurants that will be sure to fill that craving.

Corolla Outer Banks Travel and Tourism

When it’s time to get away, simply escape to Corolla, NC, on the Currituck Outer Banks. Miles of windswept remote beaches, legendary wild horses, iconic historical sites, the freshest coastal cuisine, and the finest family-friendly accommodations await you.

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