5 Ways to Customize Invitations for Your Special Occasion

Memorable occasions start with the invitation. Here are some ways people are personalizing their messages

01. Tried and true For weddings, while every couple wants something different, the multipart invitation continues to be popular. It includes the invitation, response set and outer envelope. Wording your invitation uniquely to make it your own is key.

02. Customize it Color and a variety of materials make invitations personal. Fashion is an influence, as is tie-dye, ombre ́ effects and watercolor liners—in both stationery and invitations. Deckle-edge paper is popular as well. We also have printed invitations on eco-friendly cotton paper, wood, suede, metal, acrylic; you name it.

03. Think outside of the box—or envelope For a golf-themed weekend, we sent guests a customized golf ball printed with the details of the events. The ball sat inside a leather box lined in turf and tees. For a milestone anniversary party, we sent fresh homemade cookies to the attendees. We have even wrapped an invitation in origami rather than a standard envelope.

04. The Timeline Send save-the-date notices at least six months in advance, whether you’re doing it via email or through the post office. Wedding invitations should go out 10 weeks before the event. We enjoy the creative process and are task-oriented to make sure invitations are sent in a timely manner.

05. Don’t forget thank-you notes Couples will typically order stationery that matches the theme of the invitation. A great look is printing a monogram on the same paper and in similar colors as the invitation.

Stephanie Zaitz, who has a BSBA from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from the University of Denver, worked as a retail buyer at Neiman Marcus before starting her custom stationery business in 2007. Signed and Sealed by Steph was conceptualized during her graduate years. She has been the recipient of eight ICON awards for best invitation. She works by appointment. Contact her at signedandsealedbysteph.com or 303-955-4249.

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