Holiday DIY Crafts to Add That Personal Touch to Your Decor

So shiny, bright and festive, these sparkling beauties will likely be displayed year after year to create a Christmas from the heart.

A one-of-a-kind tabletop tree by Glittermoon Vintage Christmas. Photo courtesy of Cackie Trippe McCarty, Glittermoon Production LLC

Vintage Ornament Trees

Cover plastic foam cones (try 10-, 12- and 15-inch cones) with ornaments, attaching them with hot glue. Start with larger ornaments at the bottom, transitioning to smaller ones as you work your way up. Fill in any gaps with mini ornament balls. Decorate the finished trees with vintage tinsel, ribbons or beaded garland.

 If you’d rather leave the design to the pros, Glittermoon Vintage Christmas (glittermoonvintagexmas. com) has a dazzling array of whimsical tabletop trees, centerpieces and wreaths, all made from a curated collection of vintage holiday ornaments. These works of art are what childhood dreams are made of.

Vintage Candlesticks

Hot-glue ornaments in assorted sizes to silver or glass candlesticks. Fill in any gaps with mini ornament balls.

Chinoiserie Plate Wreath

This is a great project for displaying random mismatched small plates, butter plates, tea cups and shallow bowls without damaging them. You can hang these wreaths on doors, cabinets, walls or place them on bookcases—anywhere that doesn’t get a lot of movement, to avoid possible breakage. The wreath can get heavy, so keep this in mind as you create your design.


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