Three Tasty Farm-to-Table Must Have Staples You Need for Your Kitchen

Honey, bitters and finishing butters that are sure to be your go to ingredients for all your cooking needs
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Fireworks Finishing Butters

This woman-owned and -run artisanal food company makes high-quality, delicious grass-fed and organic butter. Not only are the flavor profiles amazing, but Fireworks also trains disadvantaged populations facing homelessness and joblessness to work in food and restaurants.

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Photo courtesy of Fireworks Finishing Butters

Björn’s Colorado Honey

This raw, unfiltered honey tastes amazing and provides all the health benefits local pollen provide. Pontus Jakobsson, the company’s beekeeper, grew up in Sweden and learned the practice from his grandfather (and company namesake) Björn. His wife, Lara, and daughter Ester, along with a knowledgeable crew help create their line of bee-based skincare products featuring beeswax, honey and propolis. A new fav is Björn’s Bee Pollen Honey, which combines local honey and bee pollen blended for people looking to add more bee pollen to their diet as a potent protein source and seasonal allergy fighter. Plus, it’s full of B vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

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Photo courtesy of Bjorn’s Colorado Honey

The Boozy Botanist

Katie Green is the founder and lead potion-maker, of The Boozy Botanist, which sells small-batch bitters, simple syrups, sugar cubes and infusion kits. Green’s passion for plant medicine combines with her enthusiasm for craft cocktails to create a product line for beverage connoisseurs of all types. In addition to farmers markets, you can sip Remembering Rosemary and When Life Gives You Lemon Bitters in its best-selling cocktails, Fino & Tonic, Hello Mary Lou and Their Love Grows at Rooted Craft Kitchen in the Highland neighborhood.

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Photo courtesy of The Boozy Botanist

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