Unique Collectible Design and Beautiful Contemporary Art Returns to Aspen

Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Calodney Art Advisory collaborate to bring stunning contemporary art to Aspen
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Photos courtesy of Carpenters Workshop Gallery

In Repetition, There is Difference, sees Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Calodney Art Advisory’s collaborative return to Aspen with an extraordinary exhibition of artists, bringing together collectible design and contemporary art in a thought-provoking dialogue.

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Inspired by the philosophical theories of Gilles Deleuze and musings of Samuel Beckett this exhibition invites viewers to delve into the subtle nuances of repetition in form and practice. The collection will be on view from July 1 to August 12 at 601 East Hyman Avenue, providing a unique opportunity to engage with these exceptional artworks through an immersive exploration of repetition and its transformative power.

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Presenting works by visionary artists including Adam Pendleton, Aki+Arnaud Cooren, Atelier van Lieshout, Cy Twombly, David Hockney, Donald Judd, Eric Schmitt, Ingrid Donat, Jennifer Guidi, Johanna Grawunder, Judy Chicago, Maarten Baas, Richard Prince, Rick Owens, Vincenzo De Cotiis, Wonmin Park, Yayoi Kusama

Samuel Beckett’s writing and theatrical works, have long served as inspiration for contemporary artists. Known for his unique and experimental writing style, he pushed the boundaries of traditional narrative and dramatic conventions, explanding upon Deleuze’s writings on repetition as a mode of exploration. This innovative approach challenged and encouraged artists to explore new forms of expression and question established norms while remaining loyal to their values and truths.

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This clarity of purpose can be seen in Ingrid Donat’s mastery of patterns and unwavering dedication to motifs reinterpreted with nuanced variation. Similarly, Vincenzo De Cotiis demonstrates his mastery of material through unrelenting exploration of the limits of his familiar materials. De Cotiis infuses each series with novel interpretations while staying true to the essence of his practice. By embracing repetition, De Cotiis discovers the intrinsic differences that arise.

De Cotiis Dc1906 Bench 02

Johanna Grawunder and Donald Judd, influenced by the 1960s Minimalist and Light & Space movements, focused on unearthing the perceptual effects of light and space, while remaining consistent with their use of materials.

Through her meticulous and obsessive application of dots, Yayoi Kusama’s work delves into themes of infinity and the dissolution of the self on a grand scale. Her work invites viewers to immerse themselves in her fantastical world, where the subtle variations within her patterns become a source of contemplation and introspection.

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Similarly to Beckett, Richard Pince and Damien Hirst employ repetition with a sense of irony and subversion. Their approach can be seen as a critique of mass consumerism and commodification in the art market. By repeating certain elements or symbols, they playfully subvert expectations and invite viewers to question the value and meaning of art and cultural symbols.

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Framed in Samuel Beckett’s writing and art making, the artists have been brought together to explore the power and value in repetition as it transforms what is purposeful to the realm of the subconscious.

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