Unique Sneaker Co-Creation Experience Brings Creative Expression To Aspen

"Don't Be Perfect, Be Younique"

Photo courtesy of Golden Goose

A journey that started as a dream, Golden Goose is a journey of love. We strive for uniqueness, which for us is synonymous with authenticity. We like things that are lived-in, distressed and touched with life. We inject life into what we do. 

A visual and sensational journey into Golden Goose’s roots: spanning a total surface of almost 2000 sqft, the Golden Goose Aspen store is inspired by the brand’s Venetian headquarters and Italian heritage. Located on the renowned Hyman Avenue Mall across from the iconic bronze nail grizzly bear art installation, is the Golden Goose Aspen storefront. Having the feel of walking into an old ski chalet with an eclectic twist, an artistic display of hundreds of uniquely designed Golden Goose shoes greet you, dangling from the ceiling above.


Photo courtesy of Golden Goose

Venetian wrapping paper, inspired by Italian textiles, covers the long walls on one side, giving a present day feel to the rich tradition of the city’s tapestries. On the other side, exposed bricks are a clear reference to the brand’s industrial origins. 

An antiqued wooden floor, combined with distressed rugs and a beautiful fireplace at the center of the room, confer a familiar warmth to the space.


Photo courtesy of Golden Goose

Situated in a corner is the co-creation station, reminiscent of a modern day cobbler’s workbench. It has compartments filled with crystals, metal studs, paint pens, patches, tapes, sketchbooks and shoelaces. Stationed here is one of the Golden Goose artisans; whimsically referred to as a ‘Sneakers Maker’, who helps you translate your emotions and life experiences into a vehicle of expression – uniquely yours. 

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Photo courtesy of Anna Wall

Preserving traditional craft, making it of the moment while channeling the warmth of the artisanal hand through perfect imperfections, a Sneakers Maker ignites conversations with their customers, taking notes and making sketches. The Sneakers Maker taps into who you are before they begin transforming shoes into your own creation that is a direct reflection of what sets you apart, unleashing your story. 

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Photo courtesy of Anna Wall

The co-creation experience is an opportunity that allows you to become the one and only protagonist where your ideas, experiences, dreams, interests and passions are translated into customized shoes. 

Perfect imperfection: From the art of craftsmanship, Golden Goose celebrates style through imperfect beauty, challenging the ideal that perfection is univocal and universally defined.

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Photo courtesy of Anna Wall

Golden Goose Sneakers Makers are always on the move, traveling worldwide to select stores. Currently, you can work with a Sneakers Maker at the Aspen location to live an exclusive co-creation adventure until February 25th. Book your personal appointment via The Golden Goose App to embark on a one of a kind experience!

Download the Golden Goose app here.

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Photo courtesy of Anna Wall

Golden Goose
419 East Hyman Avenue, Unit 2, Aspen, CO 81611

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