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January is a busy month for Trisha Cohen’s two Nekter Juice Bar locations.

After the overindulging and overimbibing of the winter holidays, folks think about reorienting their diets toward healthy foods.

“Juice cleanses are extremely popular, especially in January after the holidays, to detoxify your body,” says Cohen, who owns the franchises on North Colorado Boulevard and in Greenwood Village.

The classic detox includes six different juices that are drunk in order throughout the day. A second cleanse option begins each day with a bottle of Celery Detox and continues for six days.

Whether it is January or June, customers want to put products into their bodies to boost their immune systems and keep them healthy, says Cohen.

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During the pandemic, Nekter introduced an elderberry smoothie that is still a popular menu choice. “People gravitated toward it because it helps with inflammation and lessens stress,” along with improving immunity. “It also helps prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms.”

Menu items at Nekter are made without fillers, unnecessary sugars, processed ingredients or artificial flavors. They also are dairy-free and can be made gluten-free.

Acai berries, with their abundance of antioxidants, became popular in the early 2000s. Acai bowls, topped with granola, are still a best-seller at Nekter and are a good alternative to a heavy meal, says Cohen.

Grab-and-go drinks boast ingredients to promote good health. Magic Butterfly Skinny Lemonade contains butterfly pea flower, which helps promote weight loss, reduce blood-sugar levels and helps with skin and hair health, says Cohen. The Vanilla Spice Superfood Protein is good for post-workout recovery, soothing muscles and maximizing fat burning, according to Nekter’s website.

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Photo courtesy of Nekter Juice Bar

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Cynthia Pasquale is a Denver writer

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