Fashion Trends Dressed to Thrill

Isn’t it nice to have a reason to get dressed up again?

Photography JENSEN SUTTA

Isn’t it nice to have a reason to get dressed up again?

The summer of 2021 is full of dreams postponed—weddings and anniversary parties rescheduled, galas back on the social calendar, invitations to intimate family get-togethers and robust group gatherings. Which means you are probably asking yourself: What should I wear?

After a year in which casualness and comfort ruled in the wardrobe department, it might be a bit bewildering to get off the sofa and wander back into the fashion fray. But designers, retailers and beauty pros have kept up while the rest of us were in lockdown. Fashion has taken a lively turn. In-store this season are bright colors and vibrant patterns—from whimsical and garden-inspired to playful animal prints. Silhouettes are body-conscious but wearable. It feels good to wear a dress again, but pants remain an option.


Carefully selected jewelry and accessories add personality and distinction. This summer, Melissa Oster of Oster Jewelers likes eye-catching earrings to illuminate and frame the face, and statement rings in garden and animal themes to highlight your playful side and individuality. Also, bright gemstones are highly coveted, and bold, gold bracelets are lasting pieces that can be worn season after season.


Mariel Boutique owner Denise Snyder says shoppers are returning to her Cherry Creek North store and looking for outfits to wear for special occasions that range from outdoor cocktails to formal affairs. “Women are saying they have a number of events they’re going to, from weddings to fundraisers, and can’t wait to get dressed up again.”


There also are joys in taking care with your hair, applying makeup and, yes, lipstick now that a mask is no longer a necessity. Makeup artist Michael Moore recommends a three-step plan for your lips: “Scrub them, plump them, tint them. Plump your lips with a lip gloss product to bring the volume back. Tint with a bold pop of color for summer.” Bright eyes are a trend, too, he says, suggesting women“add color to bring out your eye color.” Give cheeks a summer glow, choosing a product with translucent color that has a sheer shimmer. (Moore for Life 3035 E 3rd Ave., Denver; 303-484-1857;


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