Kicking Off The New Year With Fashion And Fitness From Gregg Avedon

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Photography by Chad Chisholm

A new year always brings the promise of a fresh start, new beginnings and personal goals to look forward to. Whether that is physical fitness, better habits or a new wardrobe, a new year can lead to a whole new you. We visited with Gregg Avedon, local businessman and internationally known model, and Hailee Lucchesi, formerly at Vogue and now a freelance stylist, while on a fashion shoot at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.

Avedon, who hails from Miami, now calls the Rocky Mountains his home. A lifetime enthusiast of fitness and wellness, he practices what he preaches, getting outside to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.

“One of the best ways to start the year off on the right foot is to set a realistic short-term goal— manageable yet challenging enough to create positive change,” explains Avedon, who follows his own advice. “Short-term goals are designed to empower and inspire you to get started.”

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Fitness being a cornerstone of Avedon’s regimen and lifestyle, he suggests starting with diet and keeping it simple, making practicable, small steps in the right direction to achieve big results by the end of the year. Lucchesi likes to do something exotic to launch her into a positive new year. “I try to start my new year off in a foreign place. There is something extraordinary about beginning a new year with different cultures, food, scenery, music and people. Immersing myself in another country not only gives me vast perspective but also tremendous inspiration for my work and what kind of life I want to live for the new year.”

Drawing from global experiences, historical references and contemporary trends, Lucchesi explains the importance of fashion in making oneself feel good: “Not only is fashion an empowering form of self-expression, it can also act as armor or comfort. Clothing can be a layer of protection or tenacity against anything my clients may be facing. That can vary from a red-carpet event to a new project, editorial set, or new chapter of their lives, and fashion allows the extra auxiliary of positive head space they need to face whatever they are up against.”

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At Devil’s Thumb Ranch, styles from Andrisen Morton and Gorsuch had Avedon in an extremely positive head space, looking good lounging by the fireplace or outside snowshoeing on the track. Lucchesi’s must-haves for winter fashion in Colorado?

“Both fashionable and a nonnegotiable item you must have while living in Colorado is a great pair of winter boots”; she swivels her foot to show her own. “If you are going to enjoy and survive the magic of Colorado winters, you need proper snow shoes. There are so many wonderful designers that marry practicality and design in an array of styles this year.
Another must-have for winter fashion is gloves. They are so easily forgotten about but are one of my favorite winter wardrobe accessories. From vegan leather to cashmere to sultry wool, gloves are such a simple, practical and chic way to complete your look.”

Avedon believes that surrounding yourself in a space that aligns these elements is just as important. A clear space
can help un-clutter the mind. “I’m one of those kids who couldn’t do his homework until my room was clean,” Avedon grins. “Your home is your sanctuary … a place where you can be silly and creative and express your authentic self. The key is to not allow your space to get so far out of hand that it becomes an uphill battle to get it clean and organized. You’ll find it’s much
easier to be productive.”

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Beyond your physical space, Lucchesi takes time to look inward and “clean up” her own mind to be fully present and productive. “I am a big advocate for self-care—from micro notions like sheet masks, time outside or a cup of tea, to macro movements such as acupuncture, yoga and traveling. I also really try to protect my peace. I am very thoughtful about the people and energy I surround myself with. It impacts your thoughts, mood and frequency. Learning to say no to things that do not serve me without attaching guilt is another crucial element for me to continue to feel good.”

Adds Avedon, “The other key to creative productivity and maximizing your potential is to get outside in nature. In an age where technology is in our face 24/7, it’s important to get outside and away from electronics—if even for 10 minutes a day. A breeze across your face can remind you that you’re a part of something much larger than yourself. A leaf has the ability to astound with its complexity. A wildflower sprouting from a crack in the sidewalk can
inspire strength and resiliency.”

Getting outside at Devil’s Thumb Ranch is a no-brainer, with its trail system for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing as well as breathtaking panoramic vistas from the abundant porches and outdoor lounge spaces on the property. Looking good and feeling good, the theme of this editorial photography spread, could be seen and felt by everyone on set.

Chad Chisholm is a Denver-based freelance photographer and writer who travels the globe seeking out the beauty in this world. Follow him on Instagram @chadjchis and @luxemodelsglobal.

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