New Sustainable Paloma Jewelry plus Spring Look Book From John Atencio

These latest styles build on simplicity and dimension while being beautiful and environmentally responsible
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Photos courtesy of John Atencio

John Atencio, the renowned jewelry designer, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of his latest Paloma collection. These latest styles build on the simplicity and dimension that is iconic John Atencio artistry and features stunning ruby and diamond, sapphire and diamond and emerald and diamond designs in a range of bracelet, earring pendant and ring styles.

John Atencio Paloma Pendant

John has always been committed to creating jewelry that is not only beautiful and meticulously crafted, but also environmentally responsible. The latest Paloma collection reflects John’s commitment to sustainability, bringing hand-cut, lab-created rubies, sapphires, and emeralds to new bracelet, pendant, hoop and drop earrings and ring styles. This allows John Atencio to offer gemstones that are not only of exceptional quality but also sustainable.

John Atencio Paloma Emerald Drop Earrings

In addition to using lab-created gemstones, John Atencio has incorporated recycled gold and responsibly sourced diamonds into all his designs, including the latest Paloma collection. By doing so, he can reduce the environmental impact of the collection while still creating jewelry that is stunning and meaningful. “We are using lab-created gemstones, recycled gold, and responsibly sourced diamonds to create pieces that are not only beautiful, but bring additional meaning,” said John Atencio.

John Atencio Palima Hoops

Our New Spring Collection + Look Book

And the John Atencio Spring 2023 Brochure is live online and in stores. It is a perfect way to experience Spring and What’s New at John Atencio firsthand. They have refined their look with the latest brochure to showcase their collections in a new light. Here is the page turning brochure – which tags all styles for easy shopping. The brochure front visuals for Instagram and Facebook are attached for easy sharing and linking.

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