The Latest and Greatest Fashion Trends in the Bridal Industry 2023

Trending wedding gowns for every bride
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MODEL: Alana Campos DRESS: Aja | Photography courtesy of Chad Chisholm

Seeing a bride-to-be’s eyes light up is something wedding gown boutique owners and designers the world over cherish as a special moment. Finding the perfect gown for their wedding day is akin to matchmaking and falling in love all over again, bringing a little celebratory magic to the entire nuptial experience.

We turned to expert Soña Cox, owner of Perla Bridal Las Vegas and the recently opened Perla Bridal Denver (in the Santa Fe Arts District), to identify the latest and greatest trends in the vast bridal gown industry.


MODEL: Alana Campos DRESS: Leni

“The new year brings new beginnings, and that means taking in the fresh, new styles and trying something adventurous,” says Cox. “Dresses for this season are coming in full swing with their bold and beautiful designs.”

For brides looking to add a little spice and mystery to their gowns, high slits are a modern and trendy detail. For those looking to add a fun and over-the-top feature, ruffles can showcase femininity and can be added to the entire silhouette or confined to the bodice or sleeves.

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MODEL: Caitlin Spears DRESS: Marika

Bows have also made a huge splash in current trends—from simple sashes to extravagant, whimsical shoulder bows incorporated into wedding gowns and rehearsal dinner dresses. Transparency is surging forward in popularity, for a bride who is a bit of a daredevil and wants to add a dramatic flair conveying a modern, seductive style.

“One of the most timeless looks … is a simple satin dress or clean lace dress,” offers Cox. “Look to the recent celebrity brides as an example: Meghan Markle, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez or Sarah Hyland.”

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MODEL: Alana Campos FLORAL: Naakiti Floral Design DRESS: Persa

Additional aspects to take into consideration when deciding on a bridal gown are the venue and accessories. Whether celebrating in a rustic Colorado ranch setting or a chic downtown Denver venue, a dress suited to the space will photograph better and make a cohesive look and feel for the wedding day. If opting for a simpler gown, accessories such as detailed necklaces and earrings can really stand out, as opposed to competing with a complex gown.

A modern alternative to the wedding veil is a cape; the sleeveless cloak is a recent trend that allows for an entirely different look and ease of removing before the reception party. Another new trend is the introduction of gowns in pastel blues, joining the already popular trend of soft pinks and champagnes. Patterns are also starting to make an appearance on gowns.


MODEL: Caitlin Spears DRESS: Gigi

Perla Bridal is a one-on-one boutique experience, with one fitting room for a private and exclusive fitting, forgoing any other distractions while selecting the perfect dress. With exclusive rights from remarkable Euro- pean designers, Perla aims to make every bride feel amazing in her custom gown. Cox, who hails from a small village in the Czech Republic, focuses on luxury fashion and impeccable customer service. Among the dress brands the boutique carries are four Ukrainian designers: Milla Nova, Ricca Sposa, Viero Bridal and WONÁ—trend-setters with a focus on high-quality couture designs.

Selecting a dream gown for one’s wedding day is meant to be a fun and exciting experience. Brides visiting the Perla boutique can expect a wide variety of sample gowns to help them determine their sense of style, character and charm. Whether opting for a fluffy bow and ruffles, or a sultry high slit and transparent sheer layer, the perfect gown is out there for everyone.


STYLING Hailee Lucchesi, The Block Agency
HAIR & MAKEUP Deanna Padilla, The Batterman Group
GOWNS Perla Bridal

Chad Chisholm is a Denver-based freelance fashion and lifestyle photographer and writer who’s always in search of the perfect shot. Follow him on Instagram @chadjchis and @luxemodelsglobal.

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